I have been busy, busy and am NOT complaining. It doesn’t leave me a lot of time for updating the site, but I went through tonight and cleaned up, organized and better labeled some of the “portfolio” projects. I’ve also added a few new projects that I’ve done on the commercial side. Exciting stuff!

Take a look and let me know if you come across anything that looks out of place!

Site updates!

I’m working on updates for my site and separating the jobs into one Portfolio area with before’s and after’s! I love seeing the transformation when other people are doing design, so I am going to share the pictures there. Check it out and let me know if anything doesn’t look right. Hover over the “Portfolio” tab at the top of the page, and a drop down menu will appear. Click into the different jobs to see the process.

Corporate Office Lobby Update

What do you call it when you’re simply changing some furniture, rearranging a room, adding some artwork…? Is that design? It feels so simple and intuitive to me that I have a hard time calling it that. Maybe we’ll just call it an update.

This job entailed the above – small changes, no construction, no change of use.  A little space planning, swapping out the existing furniture for something more current and better suited to the environment.

I wasn’t given a budget, per se, but “do it for as little as possible” was hinted. I also really wasn’t given a direction other than it needed to be professional and should have the same amount (or more) of seating that the current set up had.

The existing 5 club chairs were upholstered in a maroon-ish leather. The chairs themselves were great and comfortable, but the upholstery wasn’t right for the space. They were also set up in a circle around a circular coffee table, in the middle of a rectangular carpet section. The whole thing was off, and trying to get the spacing right between 5 chairs in a circle is basically my nightmare.

Each new piece for the space came in separately and with no other place to store them, I incorporated them into the existing set up in stages. The couch came first. I chose a standard black leather couch with a flared arm and angled legs. It is designed for commercial use and is sturdy, classic and neutral.


Commercial design is always a little nerve-wracking for me. I’d classify my design sense as a bit “eccentric” so thinking of being confined to finishes that reflect only professionalism and class seems a little boring to me.

Rather than get arm chairs to match the new black couch (which would actually KILL ME- I hate matchy matchy!), I opted for two upholstered arm chairs from Crate and Barrel, in a light Oatmeal color. I knew the light, soft fabric would be a great contrast to the matte black leather, and this was definitely a case of opposites attract.


A light rectangular band of carpet separates this seating area from the rest of the lobby and rather try to hide it or work against it, I used it to define the seating area. This actually somehow makes the band less noticeable than it seemed to be when the chairs were set up in a circle.

Next was the artwork. While the photograph of the desert is beautiful and I’m sure very expensive, the style of the photo and the frame didn’t work with the new furnishings.


It’s always funny to me when I find other people’s design shortcuts. How much time did it save them not to paint this square?

I chose a taupe wall covering with metallic threads for the alcove in the seating area. I wanted to warm up the space and add some texture and visual interest. This did just the trick and really added an element of glam.

Thank goodness for Z Gallerie and their decent selection of framed artwork at affordable prices! Will it be one of a kind? No. Can you afford it and will it look great? Yes. SOLD. The maintenance men in the building helped to hang the artwork which was really cool. Sometimes it’s nice to be the thinker and let someone else be the doer.


I chose the Silver Flare artwork from Z Gallerie so that we could have a little jewel in the seating area. The glass and the small metallic accents from the coffee table (Target!) add a little flare, but not enough to balance out the upholstered seating. The Silver Flare is the perfect size for this space and added just what was missing.


Professional, classy, not boring, functional, and beautiful! This turned out great and was a quick project for a reasonable price. The finishes will stay relevant for a long time and the pieces can be reused if this business ever moves to another office. They aren’t so specific to this space that you couldn’t make them work somewhere else – which is how I like to design!








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