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Living Luxe on the Cheap – Target blows my mind again

I am constantly pulling pictures of furniture off of the internet and saving them to files on my desktop. These are “dream pieces” if you will, and maybe not related in any way to anything I’m currently working on. A beautiful side table, or a great looking chair – they all get put into these folders where I will eventually browse, use for inspiration, or maybe even just day dream about someday using them in someone’s house (or my own!).

The other day I came across this media cabinet and had a slight episode.

Black Credenza


I mean, this looks like it was made for me. It just speaks to me, you know? I quickly clicked the link, and then my heart sank a bit when I saw the price: $2,299! I mean, it IS marked down from $4,295 so that’s a deal, right? And maybe if I combined our savings account, our emergency savings account, our vacation account…  I had to stop. A piece of furniture is not worth going to the poor house for. It is so beautiful, but just reminded me that probably like me, a lot of people either can’t or won’t pay that much for a credenza (or any other piece of furniture). That doesn’t mean we shouldn’t have access to really beautiful pieces though.

I was walking the aisles of Target at lunch, picking up some essentials, and getting some stress relief when I saw aisle after aisle of really amazing housewares. Typically, I will see one or two pieces, or maybe even one section of housewares that catch my eye, but this was seriously overwhelming. In the best way.

Mirrored Side TableThis mirrored side table would be great beside a bed, beside a couch or chair, or in small hallway/corner that you aren’t quite sure what to do with. And at only $89.99 it’s a steal!

white side tableNow if you’re not on the whole “mirrored furniture boat” (I get it, it’s a trend and eventually will be done, if it’s not already!), this is a way to incorporate the mirror, without going overboard. The cutout motif on the front is classic, and the ring pull really brings this side table to another level. $69.99!

apothecary cabinet


OK we’ve all seen those apothecary cabinets where you can keep all the things, and they are typically hundreds of dollars, if not more. The ones I’ve seen are vintage (read: you might find a surprise in the drawer), and maybe not all of the drawers are still with the piece, etc. Well this beauty above is brand new, waiting to be painted, stained, distressed and filled with your tchotchkes. The price tag? $280.99. Unbelievable.

Tufted loveseatHow cute is this loveseat? The tufting on the back adds a bit of glam, and the grey color is beautiful! I would probably change the legs to something less chunky which would lighten up the bottom profile, and bring your eyes up to seat itself. I can’t speak to the quality of a Target loveseat, but for $399.99, I can’t really complain.

Modern side tableI’ve seen all sorts of geometric side tables recently. The wood finish on this one could warm up any interior, and at only $59.99 , it won’t break the bank!

This post could go on and on – there really were THAT many amazing pieces there. When I can get a piece that isn’t expensive, I don’t feel bad stripping, painting, changing knobs, etc. so Target really has a lot of options!

Everything old is new again

When someone says “Modular Home” do you automatically think “trailer”? I can see how that might be your first thought, but there is something SO different happening in the housing industry now!

Manufactured home vs. Modular home definition:

Manufactured housing is built on a trailer chassis and is considered portable or temporary in nature. Typically constructed from light-weight metal framing, manufactured housing is less durable and versatile than modular structures. Modular houses, on the other hand, are comprised of all the same materials, techniques and standards as site construction, except that the units are assembled indoors in an efficient factory setting

Now, I live in a house that I own, so what brought me to look into prefab home kits? We had talked about additional storage for our house, and also how cool it would be to have a place where people could stay if they came to visit. Our second bedroom is used for John’s music recording equipment and some (um A LOT) of random things that we don’t know where else to put, so no guests go there.

Our backyard is BIG and technically on 2 city lots, so there is definitely room back there for a small building. But how to effectively and efficiently build something small enough, but with enough storage, separate rooms, etc.? Buy a kit, that’s how! As I got more and more into the internet wormhole, I branched out into looking at entire prefab homes, not just small storage buildings. These homes are AMAZING.

Modern Modular

Honestly, it’s hard to believe that this is prefab, right? Aside from the benefit of the pieces of the home being constructed off-site, the ability to assemble the home yourself and the huge variety of choices in your final look, a focus for modern prefab homes has been the use of environmentally-friendly products that are installed, materials that the homes are built with, and the finishes that are chosen.

HIVE Modular has some seriously amazing models of prefab homes that are material and labor efficient and employ cost savings through large-volume supply chains. The interior is done with the use of environmentally-friendly products including concrete counter tops, no-VOC interior paint, FSC-certified framing wood and locally-sourced flooring. A Rainwater collection system can be installed, and choosing energy-efficient appliances make this a no-brainer in my book.

Sometimes there are choices you make in regards to a home because it’s the simple choice, and there are other drawbacks that you just accept. To me, these modern prefab homes seem to be overall very positive; in the time frame that you can have your home built on-site, the low impact on the environment, the cost (yes, they are affordable!) and the aesthetics. Win/Win!

Hive Modular Home

Many of these prefab modular homes are brought in for “Urban Infill”. This could be putting a prefab home on lot that a previous home was torn down, or dropping a home in on land that was previously used for something else.

Revitalization is what comes to my mind. Taking the idea of Manufactured (read: Trailer) homes, changing the materials so that homes are sturdy and built to last, allowing a homeowner to assemble their own home (have you ever noticed how much love you feel for a project you truly created?), thinking of the environment and making responsible choices in the materials you use and then filling in neighborhoods with these beautiful pieces of architecture… It is EXCITING.

Now that we’ve talked about entire prefab houses (which would be slightly insane to put into our backyard) let me show you what’s swimming around in my head that would actually work at our place:

Do you want to punch something like I want to punch something right now? This is so amazing, it’s ridiculous! A kitchenette and a bathroom, bamboo floors, drywall and exposed wood ceilings are inside this beauty.

I, for one, was definitely impressed with all that is going on with prefab homes, storage, artists’ studios, and it can only get better from here on out!


I am loving… all things Gold

Today is overcast in Phoenix… a bit cool (is it sad that the 90’s feel cool to me, and all I want to do is take a bath and drink tea??!) and just pretty much perfect. This has reminded me that Fall is just around the corner, and is absolutely the BEST time of year here. Warm drinks, scarves, boots (with shorts and tights…duh) – and updating the accessories around the house.

The accessories that I’m seeing are indulgent, textured and rich, and I absolutely love them! Where summer feels light, airy and a bit sparse, I imagine Fall as being layered and comfy, and this is something that is easy to translate into your home. Add to that the fact that so much of what I’m seeing is gold, and you’ve got me hooked. I’m a gold girl, to the core. The more gaudy, the better!

Here is a whole slew of awesome pieces, all from Z Gallerie. They are absolutely amazing for accessorizing while not breaking the bank. Everything in the store is color-coded too, which appeases my OCD in just the perfect way.

Z Gallerie, Gold pillow, Greek Key

Mykonos Pillow 24″

Gold, Octopus, Z Gallerie, Quirky Napkin Rings

Octopus Napkin Ring

Gold Candelabra, Z Gallerie

Phantom Candelabra

What about making a statement before anyone even comes into your house? This amazing gold feather wreath would be perfect on a white, black, grey or blue door. Talk about opulence!

Gold, feather, wreath, z gallerie

Gold Feather Wreath

This lantern would look amazing indoors or out. You could group it with a smaller lantern and possibly a hurricane, all with white candles, and there you go! Perfect little vignette for a gathering of your closest friends!

Z Gallerie, gold lantern, marrakesh

Marrakesh Lantern

You probably know by now how I feel about skulls. Love, love, love them. I don’t know if it’s the kid in me, the macabre creep in me, or the me that wanted to be a forensic pathologist. Regardless, I will never get tired of having skulls of all kinds around. Here are a couple of gold skull items that are calling my name:

Z Gallerie, Crystal Skull

Crystal Skull Trinket Box

Can you even imagine these skull bookends holding up your very coolest books? I am imagining my crime scene photo books held up perfectly between these shiny gold skulls. So awesome!

Z gallerie, Skull bookends, gold skull

Skull Bookends

And how cute is this? The skulls on this pillow are made a bit whimsical by the fact that they are printed in all different directions. They look kind of smiley, no?

Gold skull, skull pillow, Z Gallerie

Skull Pillow 24″

Here is a cool art piece – the gold skull is printed over a mirror, and framed.

Skull, mirror, z gallerie

Golden Skull

Morton Skull, Z Gallerie, Gold Skull

Morton Skull

Now, obviously, you can certainly break the bank a bit at Z Gallerie, if you want to. Along with trinket items for $20, they also have amazing and on-trend furniture. It isn’t cheap, but is sturdy and well-made, and tends to be a bit less expensive than other stores I’ve seen carrying trendy pieces.

Check out this dresser:

Palais Dresser, Z Gallerie, gold

6-Drawer Palais Dresser

I love that the metallic is not TOO gold, and could lean silvery too, depending on what colors you have this with. We’ve talked before about using metallics as neutrals, and this dresser is a great example. There are so many different types of room and color palettes that this could work with!

This black and gold pendant light is hurting my heart! The Greek motif makes it so classy, but the matte black shade keeps it from being too chintzy. Know what I mean? It would be great over a sleek dining table, a kitchen island, a lady’s fancy closet… oh the possibilities!

Meridian Pendant, black and gold pendant, z gallerie

Meridian Pendant

Now let’s talk about gorgeous lamps. If you are still doing the matchy-matchy, all the same lamp shade thing, you’ve got to get out of that rut. Yes, I called it a rut. A lamp is a great way to try a splash of color, a different material, a pattern, or something that might make you just a bit nervous. Try a black shade, try a metallic lamp, try something that doesn’t match at all! It’s just a lamp, and I know you can do it! Now this lamp isn’t “out there” by any means, but it manages to be classy while giving us some va-va-va-voom with the gold base! Stunning!

century table lamp, gold lamp, z gallerie

Century Table Lamp

In the same way that people in Alaska have to pretend like it’s daytime even when it stays dark 24 hours a day, or the same way people in gloomy cities have to have daylight bulbs to fight SAD, we here in Phoenix have to pretend like it’s Fall even when it doesn’t feel like it. Ladies wearing boots over skinny jeans when it’s 80 degrees? It happens. Yes, they are sweating buckets under there, but no, they won’t admit it! I’ve found that a great way to feel like the new season is upon us (and therefore change my summertime sadness) is to change things up a bit at the house with accessories. All of this gold, all of this decadence… it helps me to do just that!

Happy ALMOST Fall everyone!


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