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Exciting News!

And on my very favorite day!

This is the reason I’ve been a bit quiet lately, and also why I haven’t posted many final pictures of the bathroom. When I submitted our 5 house photos to Apartment Therapy in August, they asked if they could send a photographer to our house to do a complete House Tour! The Tour was posted today, and you can see the whole thing, here.

They captured some amazing images and it’s so cool to see your space through someone else’s eyes. Thank you to Apartment Therapy for letting us be a part of your House Tour feature!

House 1



I Am Loving… All Things Glitter

When I came across the new Hollywood Glamour – Sequin & Glassbeads wallpaper from Designer Wallcoverings, my heart skipped a beat. Walls covered in glitter? Yes, please. But how to incorporate glittered wallpaper into a home without it being too Liberace? (not that I’m saying I’m against that). There ARE ways to bring this element of glam into your home, without being over the top or ridiculous. And oh my, the beauty of these rooms has blown my mind.

Glitter wallpaper

The brown sparkled wallpaper is used as an accent in this monochromatic room. Keeping everything in brown tones helps the sparkle to be very elegant.

Glitter walls

These silver walls make an unbelievable statement in this stairwell. I would have chosen a different light fixture (looks a little like the store Claire’s, right?) and also different railings (it’s going a little 80’s to me) but this place is absolutely fearless.

This peachy-pink wallpaper with the antique gold mirror is so glitzy and amazing. I can totally see this in a fancy lady’s dressing room/closet, or even an entry way in a great old house.

The lighting in this dining room is absolutely perfect to highlight the glitter accent wall. Again, the monochromatic room helps to keep it from being too over the top, but it’s still a bold and amazing statement.

You know how I feel about gold. Adding it to glitter on a wall is making me so very happy. This room is so cozy and has such a sense of whimsy. Adding the champagne couch and some great lighting (not to mention a matching cat) just completes the package. Beautiful!

How exciting to be able to make a wall or a few walls in your home into a jewel! Liberace would be proud. And maybe a little jealous.

Be Haunted

One of the most exciting times of the year is bringing out our orange (see how I color-code so I know what tote belongs to what season?) Halloween tote and putting up the decorations we have. You’d think there would be more in the tote, seeing as how this is ABSOLUTELY the best time of year, but I figured out what the issue is: our house is always a little bit decorated for Halloween, and the items in the tote just make it that much more festive.

This week I counted eight random skulls around the house that are out year ’round. I don’t really like being kitschy with holidays, in that I don’t hang up big paper skeletons or have a strobe light on in our kitchen. I tend to take a bit more of a reserved approach when it comes to decorating. I wanted to say “elegant” but can body parts, witches and black candles that drip “blood” really be elegant? We’ll see.

There are so many ways to get that spooky feeling in your place, without it being juvenile. Here are just a few that I came across:


This dining room would be OK with me, every single day of  the year.


This wreath screams elegance. And death. Love.

Painted Beetle Pumpkin

I’ve never tried painting my pumpkins, but these are pretty stunning. I am loving the beetle!


Having a grown up Halloween party? This spread for the desserts is pretty amazing, and you can’t go wrong with a black & white color palate.


CUTEST vignette for a coffee table or console by the entrance. The Quija board adds that certain je ne sais quoi and the doll head on a stick? Forget about it!


OK so this is a little  bit kitschy, but still cute. And I really do thinking that keeping the decor in the black & white colors gives it an updated and glammy look. What do you think?


What about decorating with vintage books that give off that eerie feeling? I can totally see 3 or 4 of these between some gold bookends!

Happy Haunting! Or Haunted… whichever you prefer!

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