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Update: Bedroom

We started the bedroom painting project by painting exactly one wall with the leftover paint we had from the bathroom. Now this paint we used was Benjamin Moore’s Aura Bath and Spa paint in Decorator’s White. It is one of the first paints made specifically for wet rooms, with a matte finish! Because we had so much left, and because it was expensive (over $60!) I didn’t care if it was made for the bathroom or not; we were using it for the bedroom.

We got another can of Decorator’s White paint in just a good old regular matte finish to do the rest of the job. This can of paint really wasn’t much less money, surprisingly. I don’t know if it’s the brand, the finish, or what. By the time we were committed to finishing the bedroom, I was cranky (it was Sunday, after all), sore (had just worked out with a trainer the day before), and ready for it to be over. So I didn’t question the price. Give me that, and stir sticks, and some roller covers, and let’s get this done!

The first wall we painted looked good – chalky white and clean, but it was hard to tell if I was going to love this or not. As we painted (and painted, and painted) I still felt a twinge of sadness for the perfect blue-green it had been, but like I mentioned in my previous post, it just wasn’t doing IT for me. What is it? I don’t know. But I know when it’s not happening. I wanted our turquoise headboard to stand out, and be the focus, and what better way to do that than to put it on a white background?

I haven’t decided what to do with the quarter round baseboard, so we left it as is for now. I don’t need any rash decisions to come back and haunt me. I still have the plans/hopes to paint the inside of the window-frames in a glossy black, but that is going to be a project for another day.

white bedroom

Well, the cats approve.

For now, the white walls are super calming, and I think just what was needed. I say “I think” because I make no promises that this is it. The room still needs some coordinating. I promised John I could make it work with the curtains we already have in there, and after yesterday’s discussion on how we have “so many curtains” in the curtain bin under the bed, I don’t know if I should push the issue. The discussion turned in to me comparing “so many curtains” to his “so many guitars” and how it’s kind of the same thing. Yes, they all do their job, but each does it in a different way, right? RIGHT? So we’ll see. Maybe a different set of lamps on the bedside tables. Maybe a rug underneath the bed. There isn’t much floor space around the bed, but a cute pattern peeking out might be awesome. It might also be a horrible place for the cats to puke, pee, poo or whatever… so there’s that.

White bedroom


I love how the hardware on the closet door really stands out now. We did paint the closet and the back of the entrance door in the same chalky white, for consistency.

So now to figure out furniture and accessories. We already moved some art around, but it still needs fine tuning. We had this beast of a dresser for John, and I knew it had to go. I like the style and all, but it was so long, and made it so that I couldn’t fully open my closet door. Which, when you’re trying to get into the tiniest closet ever made and can’t even open the door fully, this causes things like repeatedly banging the closet door (probably not on purpose, right?) against the dresser to prove a point. You know?

Mid century dresser

Bye bye

I knew my parents had a couple different dressers around their home, and asked if there were any they were willing to part with. They sent me photos and measurements, and yesterday, this little guy came home. There is a mirror that attaches to the back, and the whole look is just really great in the bedroom. It is smaller, but it was good motivation for John to get rid of some clothes and organize what he was keeping. And being so much smaller means that side of the room is opened up a bit, and I can open my closet door! Score! John mentioned that he thought it would look great if we refinished it in the gloss black that we used for the entry console table here, but I’m going to wait before I glitz it up. I want to give it a chance and see how I feel about the old worn finish that it currently has. Right now, I am kind of loving it. New knobs are a must though, so I’m beginning to do my online search for those.

Vintage Dresser

Little guy!

Should I go so far as to do white curtains and also white lamps? Or at least in the white family? Or is that too much? Am I just getting safe in my old age? I don’t really know all the answers. I need to live in this space before making purchases and decisions. Right now, I am really happy with the progress, and happy we took a chance on boring old white! Let me know if you have ideas for refinishing the dresser, knobs, artwork, curtains, lamps or anything else!

Time For a Change

A few years back, we found this amazing blue/green paint color at our favorite store, Paris Envy. We quickly used the paint in our bedroom, and it became a dreamy, sunny little spot that was so very cozy. When I found our turquoise tufted vintage headboard, I was very excited because it was pretty close in color to the wall paint. I’ve struggled since then, trying to figure out the best accent pieces, the best accent colors and type of furniture, art, etc. etc.

It’s like, I love the wall paint. I love the headboard. But something isn’t right.

Turquoise bedroom

currently – photo credit Lindsey Nochta for Apartment Therapy

I like the feeling in the room, like you’re in a nice little nest, and the wall color is certainly soothing. But like I said, something is just not right. I’ve changed the curtains. Three times. I’ve changed the bedding, twice. I’m not in love with the dresser, but we don’t really have the funds to buy a new one right now. So, what to do?

I’ve been getting ideas and inspiration online, and here is what: PAINT IT WHITE. All white, everywhere. Something has to change, and I will be dead before that headboard goes away! So the answer is the wall color. I’m a little bit heartbroken to change it, and who knows? Maybe I won’t like it white, and we’ll end up going back. You never know until you try.

51b08159fb04d6097e000ac6._w.540_s.fit_ 51b08156fb04d60984000a2f._w.540_s.fit_


As of this moment, we’ve painted exactly one wall white. We had that big gallon of leftover paint from the bathroom that was too expensive to just let sit there, so we used it up. I like it so far, though it really needs some styling, artwork, something.

I’ve also had an epiphany – paint the window frames black. DUH!

Black window frame


Doesn’t that just add some drama?I think it would help to keep the room from being too boring, seeing as how all the walls and all the bedding will be white. I’m planning to keep the current silvery curtains, and keep at least my dresser, although it might get painted. Also planning to keep the current off-white shabby bedside tables. They are kind of perfect. Maybe new lamps, new art, a new dresser for John (OR a shared dresser for both of us), maybe a rug? There are a lot of possibilities for how this could end up!

So here’s a quick photo I snapped with my iphone of the one wall we got done. What do you think? I like how the hardware on the closet door really stands out against the white. I’m hoping that the whole room looks this cool!

white bedroom


A new chance

I’ve seen a lot of cynical stuff online about how people always make resolutions at the new year, only to break them by February 1st. I can definitely see that point of view, as there are some of the same things that come to my mind each year BUT I am all for using whatever motivation you need to in order to change things for the better.

And if the clock starting over on 1/1/14 is what helps some people to think of how they want to be better, who is anyone else to criticize that?

I am definitely a list person, and made quite a long list of changes I wanted to make to the house within only a couple months of living there. It can seem overwhelming to want to make changes in your space, but not really know where to begin. I made the list, thinking of everything possible (even buying pedestals for the washer and dryer!) and then simply stuck it on the fridge. I didn’t even look at it until about a year later, and surprised myself by being able to mark off quite a few items! This works for me without being overwhelming and without feeling pressure to get things done. I tend to be slow to make the changes, thinking over them for quite some time, and once I’m done, I’m never truly done. I will always want to keep changing our surroundings. I suppose if I ever did get “done” with a house, then we’d have to move! HAHA!

I do believe that you should live in a place for a bit before making any substantial changes, because I think then you really know and  can decide how you use a room, what cabinets you use and don’t use in a kitchen, what kind of natural light a room receives, what spaces could be used more effectively if made into another type of room, etc.

With that being said, 2013 saw a few changes around our place: we added the back Alumawood patio which has made a night and day difference in our backyard, and we completely gutted and remodeled the bathroom. Our home was featured in Apartment Therapy, which was one of the coolest things that has happened! Overall, there weren’t a ton of house changes, but I am feeling great with how each room is looking.

In 2014, there are some house projects I would like to work on: adding white quartz counter tops in the kitchen to replace the “temporary” ones we put on a few years ago, 2 old gates in the backyard replaced with new ones that actually latch and lock, make the laundry room not sad with paint, fixtures, cabinets, whatever is needed, figure out what our bedroom design plan is and do it (more on this later), choose a color and paint John’s recording room, possibly do some landscaping in the front and/or backyards, and find a place and reason to buy these super amazing curtains from IKEA!



I saw these last night while we were shopping and about had an episode. I kept touching them, trying to think of where and how we could use them. We have more sets of curtains than our house could ever handle, but these are TURQUOISE and VELVET. Are you getting this? I didn’t get them, because $50 is a lot to spend when you don’t really have a place for something, but we’ll see what I can come up with. We did replace the curtains by the front door as the dog chewed the bottoms of them (YAY!) and also took the dark grey curtains from the dining room and replaced them with white curtains that have tiny black strips running vertically. I’m not sure if I like them yet, but we’ll see if they grow on me.

In addition to the goals I have for the house, I also have goals with music (being a better songwriter by working harder at it, helping John with his new band), some health goals for myself, and some goals with having better and stronger relationships with the people in my life. Things that are important take effort, and when something is worth it, you do what it takes to make it work. I am trying to incorporate that thinking into all aspects of my life.

With that said, here is to a fantastic 2014!

Here is a pic of our little grey house, all “dressed up” for the holidays. Hope your NEW YEAR is off to a great start… Thank you for reading my little blog!

Grey House

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