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Let Me In – LA MAISON, France

Getting a glimpse into someone’s life and how they live is something that has always fascinated me, which is why I started doing the “Let Me In” blog posts. Another thing I love doing is virtually snooping into someone else’s living space via the internet. I’ve decided that I can easily do a virtual Let Me In post for a house I’ve never been, never talked to its inhabitants, and probably never will see in person because, why not? I stumbled across this amazing house in France through an internet wormhole and it’s been stuck in my head ever since. Going back to visit the blog just now, I noticed a note at the top that the owners are selling! Could this be fate?!?!

All four stories. ALL FOUR STORIES. A shop at the bottom, living space above.

OK this alley is more charming than the front of most buildings I see.

The entrance doors from the alley are unbelievable. When we were in France in 2010, the doors were something that really stood out to me. I think French people understand that the door is the jewel to your home, the hint at what is inside. Not something to be ignored.

The stairway is amazing. Heck, I might even keep the tile.

Absolutely amazing architecture. Check out the mouldings around the opening to the staircase and the beautiful banister.

Seriously?!?! I feel a little sick. In the best way. That wood! The light!

Original cast iron tub. The contrast of the white iron against the wood floors is just perfect.

Amazing original fireplace from the late 1800’s. Perfect, just as it is.

This is the kitchen, after they renovated. I’m surprising even myself when I say this, but I don’t think I would change one thing in here. Those chandeliers!

This room is amazing. I love how they mixed old and new, hung a very modern light fixture from the original ceiling medallion, hung modern art over the original fireplace, and left the floors as they were.

This is the view from that fabulous cast iron tub. Can you imagine this being your life?

This is the landing on the first floor. I love the baroque elements they’ve brought in with the picture and mirror frames, and the carved chairs. I see the shadows of an IKEA light pendant (that we also have!) which makes me very happy. Design doesn’t have to be expensive or original! It can be mass produced, affordable, and beautiful!

I never get tired of seeing famous “rooftop” pictures from France. The houses are all so original and beautiful, squished in there together, and each holding their own secrets to be discovered!

What an amazing piece of property with great history. This is the stuff my dreams are made of!

All photos and information was taken directly from The Celiac Husband

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