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I am loving…All Things White

There was a time in my life when my favorite colors were hunter green and burgundy. I dreamed of a hunter green Chrysler Lebaron convertible with a tan top, and thought for sure that if I only had a car like this, my life would be complete. I remember discovering a reversible (gasp!) comforter that was hunter green on one side, and burgundy on the other. I had to have it. And I did!

For me, my favorite colors are very indicative of where I’m at in my life, and they punctuate different decades and memories. The hunter green/burgundy combo was the time period of wavy crimped hair, playing trumpet in the school band, and getting my first bra. What an awkward time!

I would say that I have loved white as a color for many, many years, but recently it has seemed much less boring and safe, and more glamorous, refined and elegant. Is this just the excuse people use when they’re getting old and boring? I DON’T THINK SO!

White Room

There is something about a white room that just screams confidence. No, we don’t need to accentuate with a “pop” of color. No, we don’t need to keep to the three-color-in-a-room rule. We have one color and it is white and it is fabulous.

Another white room

This room is amazing. All white, but the mouldings keep it from being boring. The grayed out, ash floors compliment but don’t distract from the rest of the room. And the broken, burned out fireplace? Forget it. This room is magic.

White bathroom

You know how I feel about white subway tile. In the above room, they even tiled the ceiling, added can lights, and used tile as the wainscoting and border around the entire room. It’s an absolutely beautiful finished product.

Another white bedroom

OK I have to be honest and say that I do not love this white tufted headboard and footboard. It looks like it’s made of linen, which to me, looks too casual. The studs in the footboard are also too spaced apart for my liking. If I’m going to glam something up with studs, you best believe I’m going 100% and doing them edge to edge. However… they added touches of beige, cream, gold and even black in this room. Rather than making the room look busy and fussy, your eye takes in the whole room as one cohesive picture.

White room

Now this. I love this room and can imagine curling up in this white duvet and taking the best nap ever. What IS IT about white duvet covers that is just absolutely magical?! The poured concrete columns, beige Berber carpeting and brushed nickel bedside lamps add visual interest. If this was my room, I would definitely add some texture through moldings or picture frames/artwork as the all white above tends to be a little too stark for me. Overall though, this room seems relaxing and classic.

This past week we were on vacation visiting friends in London and took a quick getaway over to Dublin. This whole vacation was kind of a splurge for us, so I decided to book a very nice hotel in Dublin, called The Morgan. It is in a very busy and trendy part of town, and the photos online showed it to be very chic and beautiful. Here are a few iPhone photos of our room, which we absolutely loved. I’m not 100% on the modern boat, and do like a bit of “junk” around, but the minimalism and beauty in this room were perfect! The carved headboard, the mirrored wardrobe, the ghost chair and the white duvet were all the perfect match and made for such a relaxing experience.

The Morgan Hotel Ireland






The moral of this story, as usual, is to do what you like. If you are into all white, do it! Try it in a room and see how you like it. Don’t worry that people think it’s too safe or too boring or that you’ll get it dirty or blah, blah, blah. Be confident!

And if you’re not into all white, that’s OK too. Colors are beautiful and can be just as relaxing and expressive.

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