Living Luxe on the Cheap – Target blows my mind again

I am constantly pulling pictures of furniture off of the internet and saving them to files on my desktop. These are “dream pieces” if you will, and maybe not related in any way to anything I’m currently working on. A beautiful side table, or a great looking chair – they all get put into these folders where I will eventually browse, use for inspiration, or maybe even just day dream about someday using them in someone’s house (or my own!).

The other day I came across this media cabinet and had a slight episode.

Black Credenza


I mean, this looks like it was made for me. It just speaks to me, you know? I quickly clicked the link, and then my heart sank a bit when I saw the price: $2,299! I mean, it IS marked down from $4,295 so that’s a deal, right? And maybe if I combined our savings account, our emergency savings account, our vacation account…  I had to stop. A piece of furniture is not worth going to the poor house for. It is so beautiful, but just reminded me that probably like me, a lot of people either can’t or won’t pay that much for a credenza (or any other piece of furniture). That doesn’t mean we shouldn’t have access to really beautiful pieces though.

I was walking the aisles of Target at lunch, picking up some essentials, and getting some stress relief when I saw aisle after aisle of really amazing housewares. Typically, I will see one or two pieces, or maybe even one section of housewares that catch my eye, but this was seriously overwhelming. In the best way.

Mirrored Side TableThis mirrored side table would be great beside a bed, beside a couch or chair, or in small hallway/corner that you aren’t quite sure what to do with. And at only $89.99 it’s a steal!

white side tableNow if you’re not on the whole “mirrored furniture boat” (I get it, it’s a trend and eventually will be done, if it’s not already!), this is a way to incorporate the mirror, without going overboard. The cutout motif on the front is classic, and the ring pull really brings this side table to another level. $69.99!

apothecary cabinet


OK we’ve all seen those apothecary cabinets where you can keep all the things, and they are typically hundreds of dollars, if not more. The ones I’ve seen are vintage (read: you might find a surprise in the drawer), and maybe not all of the drawers are still with the piece, etc. Well this beauty above is brand new, waiting to be painted, stained, distressed and filled with your tchotchkes. The price tag? $280.99. Unbelievable.

Tufted loveseatHow cute is this loveseat? The tufting on the back adds a bit of glam, and the grey color is beautiful! I would probably change the legs to something less chunky which would lighten up the bottom profile, and bring your eyes up to seat itself. I can’t speak to the quality of a Target loveseat, but for $399.99, I can’t really complain.

Modern side tableI’ve seen all sorts of geometric side tables recently. The wood finish on this one could warm up any interior, and at only $59.99 , it won’t break the bank!

This post could go on and on – there really were THAT many amazing pieces there. When I can get a piece that isn’t expensive, I don’t feel bad stripping, painting, changing knobs, etc. so Target really has a lot of options!

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