Turning trash into gold

I had seen the Sequoia Console table from Z Gallerie last year and thought it was so amazing! The mix of the natural shape with the glam factor of the gold was a mix that I am totally into. At $999 though, it wasn’t something I was ever going to get.

Sequoia console table, z gallerie, gold table, gold tree

When I knew I couldn’t afford it, I put it out of my mind. Fate has a way of bringing things back around sometimes though. Last year, an orange tree in our backyard got some weird disease and died. We sadly had to cut it down and there had been a 20″ stump in the ground ever since. Paying someone to remove a stump is expensive and a lot of work, so we just left it there for the time being. One morning, John realized that the stump was pretty wiggly and kicked it out of the ground! What a superhero, right?!!

So we had this stump just sitting there and it dawned on me that this was the beginning of my very own Sequoia table (or Sequoia stump?).

tree stump table


The first thing I did was put a super thick layer of primer over the entire stump. I wanted all of the trunk kept as is with nothing flaking off, and also didn’t want any creepy crawlies that had made a home in the trunk deciding to come out once it was inside.

gripper primer

After the primer dried, my next step was to address the hole in the top of the stump. This is the kind of hole that something evil can crawl out of, that your finger gets bitten off when you poke it, etc. etc. I wasn’t exactly sure how to fill it and we had run out of that amazing can of expanding foam… so I filled it with wood glue. Makes sense, right? Glue keeps the evils from coming out. I globbed it in there and let that dry overnight.

tree stump table

Can you imagine the horrors that might crawl out of there?! Not gonna happen now! So once that was dry, I added another coat of primer to the rest of the trunk, and painted over the dried glue on the top.

tree stump table

The white trunk looked pretty cool and I thought for a second about stopping there but the gold called me like it always does. Why leave it white when it can be fabulous gold?

best gold spray paint

I used this Montana Gold spray paint which I’m pretty sure is for actual art pieces and is super fancy. I’ve bought my share of gold spray paint before but none has ever had a finish and color payoff like this one. My brother had this can of spray paint and said I could have it and I’m so glad he did! The color in this can is SO much better than the other gold spray paints I’ve purchased before.

best gold spray paint, tree stump table

Side by side comparison of the white vs. gold. Definitely made the right decision to not stop at the white!

best gold spray paint, tree stump table

The gold paint was still wet at this point and I noticed that the thicker I tried to apply it, the more running and streaks that I got. This spray paint covered the tree in one coat, which is pretty amazing. The paint comes out in a fine mist and immediately has a mirror finish. I was hooked and looking around for anything else I could spray. Sometimes I have to take a step back from the spray paint!

best gold spray paint, tree stump table

I rarely wear gloves (or safety goggles… shh! don’t tell my mom!) and this is typically what happens. Since it was gold, I thought it looked pretty cool but going to the gym with gold hands gets a little weird.

My goal for my golden stump was to hold the tray that the mail falls onto. Our house has one of those old mail slots in the wall, and we’ve had a weird little stool holding the tray for the longest time. I considered painting that gold originally but the shape didn’t really call for that. The golden stump fits perfectly in the spot and adds a little glamour to an area that is otherwise not glamorous at all. It’s super heavy and was a bit of a process to complete, but it was easy and the best part was it was free! Nothing like saving a grand and bringing in a similar piece with a little elbow grease.

I love how the trunk is still knobby but also smooth. Since this turned out so great I am definitely looking around to see what else I can spray. Nothing is safe from the gold, really.

best gold spray paint, tree stump table



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