Q: Do you do interior design for other people’s homes?
A: Yes! I can help with space planning to make your home function better, “redo” a room using what you already have by editing and arranging, help with shopping to incorporate new or vintage pieces into your existing home, create a digital design board with links to furnishings and products for your home or office, or oversee a gut remodel! Whatever you need, it can be done. Email me so we can talk about your ideas! 

Q: How much do you charge for your Interior Design services?

A: That all depends on the extent of the work. Some people already have a very clear idea of what they want, and might just need help editing. Some people are comfortable DIY’ing things themselves, but need direction as to how to bring it all together. Others would like to just come home and have everything done! There is a wide range of services, and with creativity, it’s easy to work within most budgets.


Feel free to email any questions to me at info@greyhousedesignstudio.com

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