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Don’t be afraid… a little wallpaper never hurt anyone!

wallpaper skull


That is, unless you put up wallpaper in 1970 and expected it to not look dated in 2013. Then, be afraid. We’ve all seen bad wallpaper – hideous pea green, bright orange floral. Have you thought though, that in their time, they were spot on?

Wallpaper that stayed up for 20+ years gave us all a bad taste. As it should. If something hasn’t been touched in 20 years, you can bet it’s out of style now.

Something I try to keep in mind is that anything I do now, design-wise, will most likely need to be updated or redone down the road. Nothing is forever. Pick a design that is as “classic” as possible now, and you’ll still need updating down the road to keep it current. That’s just how it goes.

I’d like to share some of the most beautiful, stunning and absolutely amazing wallpapers that I have ever seen!

Do you see the subtle skull pattern in the french blue color? Amazing! Look at how beautiful a skull pattern looks in a real life scenario. Not creepy at all!

Now this paper just makes my heart ache a little bit. Maybe not in a traditional home, but maybe in a home recording studio? Maybe in a great modern and luxurious office? Or maybe in the hallway of a swanky restaurant downtown.

Now if skulls aren’t your thing, that’s OK. Maybe your home is modern and you want some texture on the walls, but don’t want anything fussy.

Or maybe you have a glammy living room that is missing that special something!

Now of course you could choose to wallpaper an entire room if you wanted, or you could think of the wallpaper like how you’d think of paint for an accent wall. What is the focal point in your room? Are there several? Each room should give your eyes a place to rest. There should be a focal point; a fireplace, a headboard, a range, but there shouldn’t be so much going on that it overwhelms your mind. Creating a focal point by wallpapering the wall behind your headboard, around your fireplace, or one wall in the kitchen can add interest without too much commitment.

The wallpaper in the photo above could seem busy, in a different room. The fact that they placed this in a monochromatic setting helps to keep it very calm and not at all overwhelming. Great design, in my book!

Another example of a modern print that seems timeless, done in a color that is easy on the eyes. I could see this as an accent wall in a bedroom, or even fully covering the walls of a gorgeous powder room!

My favorite site for finding all kinds of ridiculous wallpapers is Designer Wallcoverings (http://designerwallcoverings.com/WallpaperStore/) obviously. All photos in this post were borrowed from their site.

So please, don’t be afraid of wallpaper! It truly is one way to make your house look like it’s in a magazine. And if you’re skilled enough, it can be a great DIY project. Just remember, if you still have the same wallpaper up in 2033, you’re just asking for ridicule. :)

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